Saturday, October 27, 2012

Friday Feature: Buke and Gase

Last year in February I attended an indoor festival called Cross-Linx in The Netherlands just to see The National. But anyways the evening was filled with other bands too and of course I wanted as much as I can get for the price I paid, so I started listening to the rest without hearing of them before.

One of the bands were New York- based Buke and Gase (formerly Gass, and pronounce Buke as byook almost like a British would pronounce Björk). I was already convinced by a two-minute video of theirs I watched and insisted we'd go see them, even if it sadly meant missing Owen Pallett. The place where the gigs took place was in a beautiful building in Rotterdam, in which I guess classical concerts are rather held. Although the duo performed in an area, which I could imagine been used for a bunch of people selling useless items seen on shopping channels. However as soon as they started playing it felt like the whole huge sterilized-ish area became more intimate and warm like a family room on Christmas.

It's safe to say that there's been some sort a debate of what genre(s) Buke and Gase represent. Very recently they've been quoted as "fiery metal-infused indie rock" and "avant-folk". Well avant-indie for sure! Besides that it's quite hard to say. All I know is that the instruments they've crafted themselves and after which the band is actually named, create a unique sound. Plus the singing blends in so perfectly.

Just hear and see for yourself.

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