Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday Feature: Kali Ma

If Crystal Castles' music sounds like Nintendo, then Kali Ma's music is blessed by God of Nintendo itself. Somehow I imagine the making of the music being Kali Ma aka Cody Miller having all his friends in his Pennsylvanian flat playing the most retro Nintendo games from numerous consoles and Game Boys, and basically him just pressing the red button on his recorder. Wish it was so, but the truth is that Miller used some old synths, computers and stuff like that. You know the dull modern mainstream way.

Luckily the outcome isn't boring at all. I mean, who would've thought that music can sound good almost base-free? Miller himself does state that he started Kali Ma, because he was so frustrated of producers battling out in who drops the heaviest base. 

I urge you to listen to the latest EP, I bet it will make you dance and wish that it was played in your local indie club. Plus it's free! Though I recommend you have a look at the limited edition CD version and some other goodies here, they're pretty rad.  

thanks to wasfuersohr for recommending.

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