Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Franco and the Dreadnought - The Platt Fields EP

-You know that guy from Manchester whose song was given to Nelson Mandela as a 90th b-day gift?
- Mean Franco and the Dreadnought?
- Yeah, him alright.
- What about Franco and his guitar?
- Well, he's got his second single out called "Platt Fields", which is an ode to Platt Fields park in Manchester.
- No shit. Is it good?
- I think it's his best tune so far. And you know what else?
- Tell me oh holy new music source.
- The single comes with an acoustic version and two other songs!
- Oh maan sounds like a good deal!
- But that's not even the most awesome thing about it.
- What there's more?
- When you buy The Platt Fields EP on Bandcamp you'll not only be supporting a talented musician, but "Friends of Platt Fields" too!
- Who of what?
- Friends of Platt Fields are a group of hard-working volunteers who maintain the park by keeping it clean, organizing community events, trying to increase the wildlife habitat and so on. ALL PROFIT from the downloads will go to this group!
- Sounds important what they do.
- It is. You can see some of the volunteers as well as Franco's fans in the Platt Fields video produced by local uni students.
- Aah that's so cool that they got to be video stars! Well, I better check the video and buy the EP later.
- Don't wait too long to do that as Franco's goal is to reach £1000 by October 22nd.
- That's already next Monday! Okey I'm going to do it as soon as I get home and spread the word to all my friends on Facebook, Twitter and all the other social media networking sites I'm on.
- Exactly because that's what social media is for!
- And it's a good cause to promote.
- A good cause indeed. And tunes.

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