Friday, November 2, 2012

Friday Feature: Paul Banks

Born in England, grew up in America and Spain, finished high school in Mexico, guitarist and vocalist with a voice that makes one of the greatest bands so distinctive, that listening to his solo material makes you think if the band had released something new. Of course who we're talking about is no other than Interpol's very own Paul Banks.

Inspired by Nirvana to become a musician, but still out of respect would never try and sing like Kurt Cobain. All love to Cobain's voice, though I think we're all glad that Banks has stick with his own tone. 

Releasing his first solo album in 2009 as the alter ego Julian Plenti, it is now ditched with the release of the sophomore Banks just last week. Even if his voice is one factor what makes Interpol what it is, yet the tunes he crafts has something that could be a Paul Banks signature. Maybe it's the ironic happiness feeling he brings in or that he's worked as a hip hop DJ Fancypants.

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