Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Melanie C @ Scala, London

December 9th, 2012

I wonder if Melanie C gets annoyed of the countless Spice Girls references. You can't blame her though, but you can't blame us either. Obviously days prior of her gig I started getting nostalgic of my days being glued to the TV screen whenever a Spice Girls' video started playing, buying all sorts of candies just for the stickers and performing their songs with my elementary class mates. However there is one occasion that stands out, of which I'm not sure should I forgive myself or not, you see I had chance to go watch some World Cup football in Paris. Instead of witnessing the millennium's last world championships, I was enjoying myself in our local cinema laughing my ass off with the Spice Girls Movie.

So yeah, I was pretty pumped up with excitement when I got too see Sporty Spice. My favorite. And the tattoos.

With about +15 years of experience, Melanie C still managed to some how shock me with the level of her performance. Or perhaps I've been seeing way too many new acts that  I've lost the sense of how a professional does the job. And it's always a plus when someone has a good sense of humor and supports Liverpool FC.

Every time an artist is about to bring someone on stage, you start to dream big, but end up thinking "who's that?". So when Melanie C says something about one of the world's best guitarists, you're like yeah right. But then my jaw dropped and I experienced the fastest five minutes of my life. I still can't understand what had happened.

All I know is that during that night not only did I see one legend, but two.

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