Saturday, November 17, 2012

Friday Feature: Sleigh Bells

I remember liking Sleigh Bells' music so much that my flat mate almost in an irritated tone shrieked "Again?!", when ever I had their tunes maxed up in our living room on constant repeat. But as usual I get bored as easily as I fall with something. This was the beginning of 2011 when the Brooklyn indie noise rockers were soon to release their debut Treats.

Fast forward to the whole year of 2012 and Reign of Terror, the duo's sophomore, and you don't really get anything new style-wise, which isn't always a bad thing. Yeah you got the irresistible hooks, but guess what? This time they last longer on your play lists and you keep finding something new from the average 3 min songs. Though most importantly they've got me back to listening to the older songs and have the same bliss all over again.

I guess Sleigh Bell's music is best when you're all pumped up to succeed in something. Let it be sports or exams, the music energizes you like a healthy energy drink. The mix of hard-hitting drums, guitar shredding and sweet girl pop voice is a mixture you either are 0 or 100% in with. Having a glass half-full doesn't work with these guys.

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