Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday Feature: My Bubba & Mi

I would have started by saying "Danish folk..!", but then I noticed that there's nothing Danish about this duo except for half of their current location. So let's just go with the "folk from Scandinavia..!" thing, as the other  (Bubba) is from Iceland and the other (My) from Sweden, while Mi represents all those musicians who accompany them on tour and in the studio.

As I'm assuming that they've never performed in Finland yet (?!), I consider myself lucky to have seen them in Breda, NL in January 2011. Reading that blog post I wrote then, I stated it to be the best free gig I've been to. The whole moment was special with the affordable good beer, Nordic atmosphere I've been longing for with the hint of melancholia and good sense of humor. Apparently during that tour they also had pony poop waiting for them in the back room.

Discovered by their Italian neighbor in Copenhagen, they were brought to Italy to record their debut album "How it's done in Italy" released in 2010, and since then have been touring extensively around Europe and some shows in USA. The slow and easy songs no doubt melt one's heart and surprisingly are fit to be listened to throughout all the seasons; sadness of the winter, relaxation of the summer and autumn and spring trying to find yourself.

Currently My Bubba & Mi are composing a new album, and all I wonder whether the color of their hand made album sleeve will be blue this time...

Have a listen to all of their releases below and get them with the price you wish. My personal favorite is "Bob, we love you.".

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