Thursday, November 15, 2012


Brew pub Bruuveri is a highly popular hang out for friends of special beer in the heart of Helsinki. Having been there every time I visit the capital, the atmosphere is somewhat extremely cozy or how the Dutch would say gezellig. The elegant yet warm and inviting design of the place is something where anyone would feel comfortable stepping in. Although it seems the place is most crowded during 5-6 pm and lunch times, which is quite an unfamiliar scene in Finland. As I'm missing the discreet drinking culture in other countries, this is a more than welcomed change.

behind the glass is where the magic partly happens

A couple of weeks back I was reading a beer magazine, which inspired me to support national micro-breweries. Little did I know that most of them are actually more expensive than imported beers. But well at least I don't have to think that "this would cost so much less somewhere else", plus our beers are unique and good to pay extra for.

This time the reason for visiting Bruuveri was their Luostari beer, which according to them is the world's only Orthodox monastery beer, which was created with the collaboration of Valamo's monastery.

I'm not a huge fan of ale, as my taste buds are still stuck with wheat beer, so it wasn't really a wow experience for me. Also it would be nice if it had its own special glass. I bet though that ale fans would love it, or well who am I to know that.

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