Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday Feature: White Arrows


It feels surreal to realize when you've seen a band play to a small audience somewhere unexpectedly and the next thing they're supporting some huge indie acts. This happened with LA-based quintet White Arrows. I saw them perform right after our company's band in London. Pretty soon after that they were opening for The Naked and Famous and this December for Santigold.

Usually, the music they play is way more popular in Europe than on the other side, but with them it seems to be the opposite. They can easily be called the American Miike Snow. Their music is full of great electronic pop hooks, and front man Mickey has a voice you can distinguish anywhere. I remember him being a nice guy too, after all he did say my Doors shirt was cool and had Lykke Li on his playlist.

It's interesting to watch the whole band play, they're literally colorful in a psychedelic way. One thing, which stands out though, is the fact that Mickey was born blind, but gained sight when he was 11. His world came alive in a burst of Technicolor light. Perhaps, that works as the base for the band's music.

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