Sunday, December 2, 2012

November's Music Box

November has been exceptionally good. Many female musicians and mainstream pop. Aiming for the Christmas market perhaps?

Haim - Don't Save Me

The second video from the LA sisters. Their debut albums is the one I can't wait to have next year.

Haim - Send Me Down

B-side to Don't Save Me.

Ellie Goulding - Figure 8

Second single from the sophomore. That's 2 out of 2 great pop tunes.

Lana Del Rey - Bel Air

Just as I was thinking what happened to LDR, this video came out. Such a beautiful tune, which I can imagine in Edward Scissorhands.

Ke$ha - Die Young

My friend started to freak out when I told her I really liked this song. It's catchy.

Florence and the Machine - Lover to Lover

This is the second video to the song, which really highlights Florence's amazing voice.

Florence and the Machine: Lover to Lover on

Zola Jesus - Diamonds

Here's the unique Zola Jesus covering Rihanna.

CSS - I've Seen You Drunk Girl

Brazilian electro rockers poppers bringing it.

Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra - Do It With A Rock Star

Not suitable for children and conservatives.

fiN - Lucky You

Britain's Incubus. I think.

Purity Ring - Lofticries

Not their best song, but worth putting here. Can you figure out the video?

fun. - Sleigh Ride

Ending the list with a Christmas song. I dislike people who dislike Christmas songs. Here's fun.'s version of Sleigh Ride.


  1. for me this month I have to stay with "Hands in my pocket".
    I know is not a new song, pretty old one...., but after seeing Alanis singing it it just make like it even more....

    Seriously Jaleh??? Kesha?????


    1. wow must have been amazing to see her perform all those classics. hahah yeah you're not the only one wondering, but like i said it's really catchy and i wish i knew how to play the guitar!