Saturday, January 21, 2012

Top 11 Videos of 2011

Last week I presented you my Top 11 Songs of 2011, here's now my top videos;

11. Tellison - Edith
If you don't pay attention, you'll be surprised of the 'twist' in the end like I was. Somehow I can picture the ending to be my sister's future.

10. Radiohead - Lotus Flower
There's an anti-Radiohead rule at our office, which made me almost forget this mesmerizing video. Anyone who knows our dear Finnish friend Janne, would think that he would dance like that if he was on drugs. Janne's response to that comment was; 'I don't need drugs to do that'.

9. Crystal Fighters - Champion Sound
Of course I have to have the video, in which I am myself! The band just posted today on Facebook and Twitter that it has already over 200 000 views! And I'm the second last person to be seen in it. ;)
(Read here about the video shooting experience, here my feature on the band and here my gig review from last May)

8. Austra - Lose It
My face screams without any motion. Raise your hand if you've ever felt like that before. This is what my friend had to say about the video; 'It's just way too weird for me to watch it now'.
(Read here my gig review from last September)

7. The National - Conversation 16
Seems that I've forgotten the definitions of all sorts of terms. How would you describe this video? Satire? Anyways, great great great acting!
(Read here my gig review from last February)

6. Arcade Fire - Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)
Here you have an example of why you should have your top music of a year done after the year has ended. Arcade Fire released this video in mid-December, and they've done it again. With the interactivity in their videos I mean. In 2010 they released a video, which requires Google Chrome to work, click here to see the brilliance of it and dive into your childhood. This time the interactive video requires a web cam and some hand muscles, click here for that.

Those who prefer traditional music videos, see below and be amazed of Régine's and others' dancing.

5. The Rural Alberta Advantage - Stamp
This video is just way too funny and accurate. Don't tell me that you've never had any of those thoughts during a gig. And I love the cheeky marketing.

4. Bon Iver - Holocene
Who doesn't love a video, which wants you to travel to the place in which it was filmed? In this case it's Iceland.
(Read here my video review and here my album review)

3. Summer Camp - Down
Such a loony video. Top points to the girl with the Usher's 'Yeah' move in 1:50!

2. Friends - I'm His Girl
You'd have to be sitting next to me, so I could explain every single amazing detail of this video.
(Read here my feature on the band)

And after so many amazing moving images, ladies and gentlemen I present you my favorite video of 2011 and probably of all time.. Does this actually come as a surprise to anyone anymore?


Like I described the song, I'm going to describe the video; Bju-ti-ful.
(Read here my review of the video and here my gig review from last April)

What were your favorite videos of 2011?

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