Monday, January 16, 2012

When I find myself by the sea,


in another's company, by the sea.

Just seeing the sea yesterday in Brighton I could not help thinking of those lyrics above.

The atmosphere, which the song has is the best way to describe how the atmosphere by the sea in Brighton was. Calm, relaxed..

Play the song again and check out these photos. Then you might know what I mean.

The complete opposite of London, in other words it was nice for once not to be surrounded by stressed, yelling, annoying, miserable people. In Brighton they were actually smiling.

It was a great feeling to just listen to the waves and have the sun shining on your face. The coast reminded me of The Hague in Holland. I guess Brighton is a mix of The Hague, Nice and Verona.

And the shopping street reminded me of Camden. Loads of record stores in a tiny street, from which I got some Bon Iver, Explosions In The Sky and Elliot Smith.


Pics by l.lundberg excl. panorama and pics of her.

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