Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Iron & Wine - Godless Brother In Love

I thought this day would never come, you see Iron & Wine's latest album Kiss Each Other Clean is already a year old, but only now has he released a proper video for one of his singles.

First single Walking Far From Home, which is an album favorite of mine doesn't have a video and second single Tree By The River has just a live performance put out as an official one. So, I guess third time is a charm with Godless Brother In Love. What I remember vividly of this particular song, is when Iron & Wine performed it at one of my favorite venues around, Paradiso in Amsterdam.

Hearing him (Samuel Beam aka Iron & Wine) sing about a godless brother in love in that bju-t-ful place with fine acoustics was perfecto.
Click Iron & Wine @ Paradiso to read more.

Watching the music video makes me think about how I wish that all my plans for 2012 would come true. Graduating from school and having the complete freedom to stop dreaming, but to live the dreams I want. Carefree.

Ps. this video was published last October already, but why do big music sites write about it now?

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