Saturday, December 31, 2011


Last blog post of 2011 folks! And no, it's not going to be about myself. I realize that the title is very distracting, but it's a band's name. The name is quite bad yes, however let that be the only negative fact to be said of this London-based, originally from Melbourne act! Okey, that's pretty much what I know of them, so a missing bio will be the last minus said! I can assure that, by proudly declaring [ME] being the first support act, whose performance I didn't see, but ended up being on my 'new favorite bands' list.

You can read the story from my Evanescence gig post, but shortly we got to the gig a bit late and just saw 30 seconds of [ME]'s performance. Luckily someone was there handing out flyers of the band, which I found a month later under a pile of clothes when I was cleaning up my room. Poor flyer was thrown away after doing its job well, as I did check the band's sites and gave the songs a listen.

And hooray! Proper rock is back with style!

The music is like Panic! At The Disco and Muse having a lovechild and somehow Billy Talent's singer getting in between.

Speaking of which, the band will be supporting Panic! At The Disco in their winter UK tour (previously they've supported Evanescence and Kasabian). I was kind of 50/50 whether I'd go see Panic!., but having a support act like that, I'm definitely going. I'll also try to go to the HMV Next Big Thing (last year's acts were for example James Blake and Anna Calvi).

If you aren't convinced yet, then I need to mention of the label they're on; Lizard King Records. This record label has previously had e.g. Santigold signed to, and the owner has before been the co-owner of the label, which signed and launched the career of The Killers. Quality? Yes!

And why so many '!', because I'm in a hurry to go celebrate the last day of the year!  
Have an awesome 2012! and let it be full of great music as 2011 was.

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