Saturday, December 3, 2011

Caged Animals - Piles of $$$

Another cool Brooklyn band signed to UK label Lucky Number...

It's like them collecting Pokemon cards, and knowing that those cards will be damn valuable in years to come. That's when other labels will go 'shit I should have "traded" when I had the chance'. That's what the music industry is all about; getting that golden Pikachu card, before someone else does.

Last Monday Caged Animals released their third music video for the song 'Piles of $$$'. Director Ace Norton has leadman Vincent Cacchione and bandmate Magali Francoise looking like Bonnie & Clyde as they go from a shop to another and cruise around LA. It's no wonder the two have such a good chemistry between them, as they indeed are a couple in real life. Aww <3

This is one of those videos, which make you think if there's a twist in the end or if something bad actually is going to happen. Well you're just going to have to see for yourself. All I can say is that the ending is as epic as mmm.. anything you think to be epic?

Caged Animals - Piles Of $$$ from Lucky Number Music on Vimeo.

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