Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Happy 94th Birthday!

It's that day of the year again; the national holiday for people to get together to enjoy the good food, and criticize celebrities' outfits as the President shakes their hands in her house party in a horrible dress herself. And once again I see myself not having a day off. Last year I was until late in the evening stuck in the edit suite in my Dutch school, and this year I find myself trembling in an English office building.

It really seems that all I remember is celebrating the Finnish Independence Day during the weekend when it basically doesn't count as a day off, but when it hits the week I'm not there to enjoy sleeping in. This is when my inner voice yells for me to stop complaining, as not everyone gets a chance to live abroad. So I will, and wish a happy happy birthday Finland!

The only thing I could really do is to present you one of the finest bands our country has to offer;

Three brothers with a German surname (meaning=from heart), singing in English and playing progressive rock influenced a bit by Indian music.

They're actually the first Finnish band that I've really liked. The first time hearing the guitar solo of 'Let Thy Will Be Done' right in the beginning of the song, and seeing the lead singer/guitarist playing it without taking his eyes of the camera was enough to mesmerize me. And the song and video keeps on doing it until the end.

Being crazy and funny ass wasn't enough. They had to be all that in the winter cold. Well you know, to make it clear enough that it's Finns you're seeing.

*this is sparta tone*


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