Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Indie Giants bring X-mas early

'Should a band put their music on Spotify or not? Why does Spotify pay almost nothing to the musicians, whose music is being streamed? Thumbs up Spotify! Screw you Spotify.'

Spotify this, Spotify that. All this talk about the good and bad sides of Spotify are driving industry people and fans crazy lately. But we can proudly say that today the spreading of good music had a big victory; indie giants Arcade Fire are back for us to stream.

It feels really weird for me to be able to listen to their albums on Spotify, as I got used to the idea of not having them a click away. For some reason I've always had the thought of blaming bands for not putting their catalogue to be streamed legally, a way to make people boost their album sales. How silly of me to think something like that, I mean for sure there are also bands who think this way, but let's go back to the good old 'blame the evil major labels'. Hihi.

Here's anyways one answer from Quora why Arcade Fire's music wasn't on Spotify;

Currently, rights holders make a tiny fraction of one cent per Spotify play. In practice, if streaming services are to financially support artists in the future, this will have to increase substantially. Spotify users are some of the most voracious consumers of music, and so from the label artist perspective, it's more profitible to hope that one out of every 100 Spotify listeners buys the album on iTunes, than to cannibilize even just a small number of sales. A band like Arcade Fire does incredibly well on iTunes, and the average Spotify user has already heard of them, so there is little incentive.

I have two of their latest albums as delux editions (special version freak), but I'm not able to drag them everywhere I go and I don't want to rip them to my laptop to take hard drive space, so now being able to stream them is just perfect. And I'll always buy the physical albums of musicians that I like, as I will always be streaming the same albums.

Nevertheless I have more great music to listen to at the office now. I hope all of you who aren't familiar with their music to give them a chance, for example by listening to some of their best songs below. Or by streaming the albums on Spotify. Yes. On Spotify music lovers!

And you who already are fans, don't change.

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