Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Covering your ass

I have heard a couple of really good covers in the past weeks, which made me think that there are covers that are so good that you either think that they are the original ones, if you don't know who's performed it first. Or you wish that the song would be the cover artist's own, because simply once again, it is way too good. The songs, which I chose for this list are in the order of cover first then the original. Let me know which one you prefer more!

1. McKisko - Baibaba Bimba

Australian McKisko is Helen Franzmann, whose music I got to know through a friend who got the chance to interview her for her placement in Australia. Song Baibaba Bimba is the first song I heard of McKisko, and it hit me hard. Still does.

The simplicity of Baibaba Bimba makes it sound so beautiful, and the hint of melancholy gives it the necessary hook to grab the listener and take them to a planet called 'calmness'. But also at the same time the drumming makes your body move a bit, and have you hoping you'd have the drum sticks in your hands.

Baibaba Bimba by McKisko

When I found out that the song actually belongs to a Japanese duet called Tenniscoats, I felt both disappointed and glad. Disappointed because I thought McKisko's cover to be her best song (her other songs are great too) and glad because of the original being good, but different. Happier in this case. Also it's cool to say that an Australian act covers a Japanese one.

For me the better version was the cover. The reason for this might be my Nordic melancholic spirit.

2. Azealia Banks - Slow Hands

Young New Yorker Azealia Banks was recently chosen to be one of BBC's Sound of 2012. I decided to check her music out, when I read an interview of Friend's singer Samantha Urbani wanting to have her babies or something like that.

Anyways a rapper with beats, which make you dance and lyrics, which make you go 'huh'? And an Interpol cover, which makes you go WHAAAAT? when you notice it on YouTube.

Yes you read it right. An Interpol cover by Azealia Banks. My favorite band being covered by someone who sings about homies and bitches.


It's so much more interesting to hear a song of an artist being covered by some act, which represents the opposite genre. For example if The National would cover Interpol it wouldn't be that interesting, or actually it would, but you get the point. Plus I don't remember hearing an Interpol cover before, and also I have to give points to Ms. Banks (now I realized that she has the same surname as Interpol's singer Paul, related?) who made Slow Hands sound romantic. I think she should cover all of their songs.

Here's the original:

I can't say which one is better, but I'm guessing the original would last in my player longer. But if I need a dose of chilled Interpol, I know Azealia Banks will only be a couple of clicks away.

3. gerrrace - Banquet

This Bloc Party's debut single Banquet cover by American siblings has been one of my favorite covers for at least a couple of years now. There are a lot of Banquet covers on YouTube, but what makes this special is how they make it their own. It feels so sincere and that they really don't need to push the singing.  Additionally not seeing the guitarist's head reminds me of the cartoon Cow & Chicken; you never saw their parents' upper bodies.

Too bad they haven't done any music lately, or that I'd know of. gerrrace or anyone else if you see this, hit me up with some more of your music if you can!

The brilliant original:

Once again can't say which one is better, but if I need to feel pumped up, then definitely the original.

Hope you enjoyed and discovered new great music!


  1. From the song "Slow Hands" I prefer the version from Interpol..

    Keep posting posts like this. Helos me to discover new music and bands, in this case Interpol :)

    1. thanks maria! and interpol is one of my favorite bands ever, helped me listen to 'difficult' music. actually surprised that you liked it.

      and i will be posting more music, don't worry. have you seen my latest post, best of sytycd..? there you have some of my favorite dances, including the songs used in them. i think you might like 1 or 2.

  2. BTW: It's Maria talking!!! :)

  3. You kids call this "great music"? Wow!

    1. Hey anonymous! What do you call great music?