Friday, December 16, 2011

Evanescence @HMV Hammersmith Apollo, London


I signed up to be part of a street marketing team, which basically meant a few hours of flyering and then getting on to a gig's guest list +1. The first glist I requested was Evanescence's first of two sold out gigs in London. I've always liked the singles the band has put out, but I've never been a huge fan. Actually the first time I listened to the albums completely was during the week of the gig. But as their music has played a part of my teenage years and that singer Amy Lee simply is an amazing musician, I just had to see them.

I was thinking to take Linda as my +1, but she wasn't sure of her schedule. So, I ended up taking Katrina, an American intern at the Farm, who happened to hear through her ear plugs that I was listening to Evanescence through my ear plugs. No need to say that I ended up going with the right person, a true fan with creepy good hearing? Linda ended up regretting not coming, as seconds later I noticed that The Pretty Reckless, whose singer used to be on Gossip Girl, Linda's favorite show, was supporting Evanescence. Well, it was better not taking someone who says 'nevanescence'.
We heard only the last seconds of the first support act's show, which was a band called [Me]. I listened to their music today; horrible name, great music. To the band; the flyering after your gig worked, without it I wouldn't have known who you are and where to find you.

The Pretty Reckless afterwards weren't really my thing. And I can't believe singer Taylor Momsen is only 18, and other band members, who she used as 'dancing poles' somewhat in their forties. The collar she was wearing was also a big no, she's so pretty that she could do without.

Now what can I say of Evanescence's show? It was really hard to take any photos, because of people's hands and Amy Lee moving all the time. Oh man, she had so much energy and amazingly terrific voice. The acoustics at the Apollo (shaped like a theatre) were good too.

When I was listening to their second album, I very much liked the last song 'Good Enough' and for my (and I guess everyone else's) delight it was played during the show. Watch the video to see the reason why.

I consider myself to be unbelievably lucky to hear that live.

Obviously another highlight was the last song of the show; tearjerker My Immortal. For sure many got teary eyes when that was played. Including me.

Overall I was satisfied and glad to see Evanescence and hear them play those wonderful songs (the noise when people screamed as Bring Me To Life started playing). But which made me even more glad was to make a fan's dream come true. It was absolutely nice to see Katrina enjoy her first Evanescence gig.

Is this what it feels like to make others happy? If so..


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