Monday, November 28, 2011

English, Polish and The Great Norwegian


Second football match of the week, quite good catching up with my initial plan! I went with David and Felix to Craven Cottage to watch an Europa League match between Fulham and Wisla Krakow. The reasons why I was even more excited of this than the Champions League match were:

1. Really small stadium, it was amazing to actually be able to see the players.
2. When I started to support Liverpool, this was the first title I saw them win.

Third and the biggest reason: I finally get to see players who've played for Liverpool. And they weren't just any other players; they were playing for the Liverpool squad, which was 10 years ago. Danny Murphy, and The Great Norwegian John Arne Riise.

I was afraid to not see them, since for some reason something always happens that prevents me from seeing the players I want to. Last year Holland-Finland, I was so close in seeing legendary Sami Hyypiä and also Dirk Kuyt. But how lucky that Hyypiä got his first ever red card in the previous national game and Kuyt got injured some days earlier. Next time I traveled all the way to Germany just to notice that Hyypiä wasn't even on the bench. Then he ended his career after that season. Sigh.

So no wonder I felt like there was some kind of jinx going on. But during that evening my luck changed, as Murphy and Riise were playing. Of course non-Pool fans remember Riise from some own goals, but watch the video below to see one of the many reasons why he's loved by Pool fans.

It felt like being a Bieber fan; everytime he touched the ball, I went on screaming 'John!'

The game ended 4-1, and was really entertaining, especially when we were sitting with the Polish fans. I heard some bad words like 'kurwa' which was every second second. And now I only realized that 2nd and 's' are written the same way. Also I noticed that The Cottage was one of the oldest stadiums, as it felt it would collapse any !second! with people jumping all the time.

Here are some pictures and videos of the game:

One dream came true now. And another big dream will come true on Tuesday, as I'll see Liverpool play for the first time ever.

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