Monday, November 7, 2011

Orange Goblin album listening session


The Animal Farm does many things; artist management, songwriting, publishing, singing 'Friday' and producing albums. One of the latest albums produced is Orange Goblin's newest record to be released early next year.

That's why a listening session for that album was held for long-haired music journalists, who dressed mainly in black, were at least three times bigger than me and talked about bands from the 80s, of which I don't know anything. It was interesting to see how the evening would turn out.

The beginning showed potential of being the best day at the office so far.

I had the image of a listening session to be somewhat of people sitting quiet and taking notes. But no.

And of course at some point something like this had to happen.

Just kidding.

The speakers were turned quite up, but after listening to the album three times + other hard metal, my ears got used to it. Though it did feel like leaving a club after the music turned off.

It was a successful evening all in all. The journalists had fun, the band had fun and most importantly the staff had fun. And when this all is achieved you can expect more likes on Facebook and followers on Twitter. Because everything is defined by that in western society nowadays.

Additionally we learned a lot of Orange Goblin. For example they've been playing for over 16 years now, and they're pretty respected in the heavy metal scene. We also got to know where the band's name comes from. Apparently there are just way too many bands, which have 'black' in their name (like Black Sabbath and Rebecca Black) and someone of them likes Spider-Man? Pink Goblin sounds fairly good too, but for some reason the guitarist didn't agree.

I must warn you that the first song of the new album 'Red Tide Rising' is ROCK. It's so good that I wish Mary J. Blige would do an R n' B version of it. But unfortunately it's not publicly available yet for her to start practising it. However here's an old song of theirs.

Ps. The next morning at the office, someone was still having an after party.

photos by l.lundberg

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