Wednesday, November 9, 2011

How can people go 'wau' for this?


I had it all worked out before I came to London; work during weekdays and be a tourist on weekends. That meant a lot of museums. Most of them have a free entrance here, so it was an easy plan to follow.

And no.

There is too much going on and too little time. By then I still hadn't had a proper day just staying at home. But anyways glad to finally have the time to visit Tate, the modern museum over here. Though only for an hour, and that was just 2 floors (5 exhibition floors + 2 for food and panorama view).

Ground floor is just huge. It's a good place to have a nap, and a perfect, but forbidden place to skate.

Why only 1 hour? Because Maria and Felix have been there many times already, so it was me and their flat mate, who came here for a month to learn English to explore Tate. She's from France. And she's a lawyer.

When you combine comments with a French accent, and a thing called 'art', which is most of the time a synonym for crap, it can make your museum tour pretty interesting. 

All comments of the pics are said by the French, they're nothing special, but just imagine them with an accent.

for me this is not art. anyone can do this.
now this is art, i haven't seen like this before, unique work.
for me art is when you do some work for your work

your picture is art (hah)

 I hate when people try to look so intelligent in exhibitions; they look at a piece of art like it's something wau, when it's actually rubbish. That's why in the same time it can be more interesting to look at them looking at art. People do say that what you hate in someone you can find in yourself...

Later that day..

It was the first time St. Paul's Cathedral was closed after Second World War due to the protests.

In the evening we went to some Dutch friends' house warming party. They're from Breda, can't believe how small the world is. But the best thing about hanging out with Dutch people is that they understand the languange of beer.

That is art.

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