Wednesday, November 2, 2011



On 7th grade our music teacher showed us some Stomp videos:

Ever since I had dreamt of seeing Stomp live. It only took me 9 years. And a move to London.

We were suprised that The Ambassadors Theatre was really small, but on the other hand it made it more intimate. It was full of humor and interaction; the audience got to stomp along.

Me, Linda & Ingar were so inspired of the show that we started hitting everything what was on our way. Street lamps, gates, trash cans, our own heads.. While doing that we just simply stated: "Look I'm stomping".

If you ever have the chance to go see Stomp, do it! WORTH EVERY PENNY.

Linda's comment after the show: "Now I've realized that you can make sound of anything. And those are probably the best musicians I've ever heard."- or something like that she mumbled.

But in this video you can see why:

Probably they're the best athletes too.

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