Friday, January 13, 2012

Where were you when this happened?


People ask where were you when John F. Kennedy was killed? Where were you when you heard about Kurt Cobain's death? Depressing innit? So let's look at a different kind of historical moment.

'Aunt Jallu, where were you when I was born?'

'Dear whatsyourname, who has an extremely good taste in music, supports Liverpool Football Club and enjoys reading philosophical books thanks to your awesome aunt, I was at the legendary Mayflower pub taking part in a pub quiz while enjoying a tasty English cider.'

I received a txt just before we were about to go to the pub that my brother's baby should be delivered in an hour. During that anxious hour me, Linda and three extremely nice and funny South Africans were trying to answer questions like:

1. What is the only food cockroaches do not eat?
2. What is the difference between a man and a woman's tears?
3. With whom was Ann Darrow in love with?
(answers in the end)

Then I received a txt, which just stated that the content cannot be shown. Even though I enjoy holding on to my old Nokias (=I do not want a new phone), that was a moment when I wish I had a more recent phone. But it was a good thing that Linda had a Nokia, which actually could show pictures.

Wondering for 9 months how the baby would look like.. just like my brother! Of course another drink had to be enjoyed in that atmospheric place.

note; quote from the bible
If Mayflower still doesn't ring a bell, it's the ship which transported the English Pilgrims. So the pub was located where the ship left.

It still though doesn't feel like my nephew is born. So much preparation has been done (buying Liverpool stuff..) and I still remember the day I got the news. School was stressing me so much and everything was just terrible, but then I got the news, which made me realize I was worrying for nothing. My flat mate Judit and other exchange friends Jara and Maria threw a lunch to celebrate the occasion (CHEERS X), at which I got a Kinder chocolate egg. Check out the expiration date.

That was also the day that I heard I got my internship here in London, and the next day I was travelling to Ireland. All good things come at once!

All of this feels like yesterday. I guess all of it will feel more real, when I see the little one. And also my sister in March! I actually dreamt of her last night. Perhaps I'm too eager to see...the pair of Converse shoes she's bringing.


1. Pickles.
2. A man's tears are a  half celcius colder.
3. King Kong.

We learned a word too; falange (not sure if it's written like that, but try to guess what it means!).

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