Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Kakkonen on Ykkönen


So we're off to the second round on determing who will be Finland's next president. Luckily we have the two most strong candidates, including my personal favorite. It's my first time to be able to vote for the president, and I'm glad that the election still continues, we get to take the most out of this experience. But I must admit if my favorite wouldn't still be in the run, my level of interest would have gone down.

Yesterday we were at the Finnish Seamen's Church in London watching the election coverage live. I wasn't surprised of the amount of young people, but the cans of beer and cider yes! And you know when there are Finnish people around you is when you can 'feel the excitement'. People elsewhere would jump around and scream of any result they would hear, but the most you could get out of a Finn is perhaps a smirk on their face or a spark in their eyes.

Nevertheless I enjoyed my pulla.

Exciting times are ahead. Please go vote, and don't let anyone or any party make up your mind for you when you decide who's fit for president. The only ones who you should be listening to, are the two candidates.

I know who I'm voting for.

Today I felt so honored when he started to follow me on Twitter. And I don't care whether it was him personally or his team. By far one of the proudest moments online.

And thank you to everyone, who's been working hard for Haavisto during this campaign, including my friend Janne, who promised to save a Haavisto badge for me! Quoting now Janne's words: 'How can someone's sexual orientation determine how well are they able to run the country's foreign policy and be represented as their country's leader? In my opinion, it can't.' No wonder Janne is a very loved guy.

Now saying all this, you still can't say that all of those who won't vote for Haavisto are homophobic, red necks, people who don't want to take issues forward and so on. As Haavisto would say it, there should be respect for the competitors. Chance to discuss and equality for all.

Number two is number one - Kakkonen on Ykkönen

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