Friday, January 6, 2012

You are about to read my 100th post.

If it would be a person, it would be like her above.

So the big one double o. It's amazing to believe that I've gotten to this point, especially as I just noticed that in 2010, when I started this blog, I had only written 8 posts during that 4 months! Compare that to 2011, which was 80 posts, that's 3,33 times more.

It feels like only yesterday when I was writing the first post;

and then the second one after a few weeks of still the same day but part deux;

These two posts are one of my favorites. Always when you start something new, you're quite fresh and sharp. I love the witty humor in them, which make me laugh still without even reading the jokes. Yes, I do laugh at my jokes, someone has to.

Coldplay's first album is considered to be their best. Why? Because they were making it for 10 years. So you could compare that to this; first posts were one of the bests, because I took my time. Now, even though I enjoy it, I have the feeling that I MUST write. Trying to update this blog every 2-3 days, instead of weeks does consume a lot of time.

But the peaking time is yet to come at some point in the future. I've done many changes to make the blog look better, I don't know what you think, but I'm satisfied with it at the moment. Changes like the profile picture;

First was

someone's comment: 'i can't see you, there's a rainbow in front of you..'
taken by my exchange friend Troy during our first days in Holland. He has this 'broken' camera, which takes really cool pictures like this one. This was perfect as a profile pic, as the whole existence of the blog back then was to share my experiences in that windmill country. It also sends out a carefree happy vibe, which the year was all in all about.

The current

someone's comment: 'so that's how beds work in finland, eh?'

taken by Maria, also an exchange friend from Holland. And taken in Holland too, now during our last days. I wanted a design for my blog, which doesn't indicate where I am, like 'Look at me I'm in London now!', so a more neutral photo. Also it had to have simple colors in it (a big plus for green pants and the yellow sack, my two favorite colors hah). But all in all, this is the picture, which is me. That when you look at it, you can go 'yup that's Jaleh'. It's gotten praises from many people, most notably from my sister's mother-in-law haha.

Other notable changes regarding the blog is the creation of the Facebook page. But it's not only about me sharing my stuff, others can post on the wall too! If I like I might write about it. It can be anything from music to cooking tutorials.. So feel free to post! Especially those, who hate me for blocking my wall on my personal Facebook.

A huge thanks goes to my dear BTC buddy Janne. BTC what? Read here. I can tell you that this is the post, which made my father send me an angry message. Now we, or at least I can laugh about it. But seriously, there's no right to complain, if he let me drink the rest of the beer in the bottle when I was six! Lol.

And now thanks to Janne, because he guided me step by step in adding the Facebook Like Box on my blog. It was a bit of a long journey, and we would have been saved from it, if he had just done it by himself. But you know he's a good friend, when he wanted to suffer with me and make sure I learn myself. I'm so bad in coding, but now I'm a bit wiser!

Also thanks to my mother, who used to share my links on her wall! Why in past tense? I don't know ask her!

Content wise, the blog has had more posts related to music. Actually I can tell you one of the reasons for that now. I've been trying to get into the team of a New York-based music site called The Wild Honey Pie and today I got an email that they want me in the team. Nice to know that hard work does pay off!

I have to wake up in a few hours, but before that I need to fall asleep first. Though I think this will be the best reason to wake up early. And as trying to make the blog better, you'll hear about it straight away on Sunday. But here's a hint.

Last but not least, I thank you all readers, it's because of you that I write! Cause you know, chatting with every single person and explaining everything many times, that's not fun! Just kidding, or not. No, but seriously thank you to everyone, who's supported me to this point, and hopefully you'll be there when I can add a third zero.

We had a chat about blogging with a friend of mine, and we came to a conclusion that we know there are readers, but that's basically it. And later on we hear from others that people have been saying positive things about the blogs. If you have something to say then let it out! I'd for sure feel good, whether it be a positive or negative (as long as it's constructive) comments. But don't take this as a begging for comments, I just want to point out an important fact.

Which leads to a conclusion that in general if you have something good to say to another person, then LET IT OUT! Too often you notice this; 'Your friend (or whoever) is a really good dancer (or whatever). Why can't you tell it straight to the person? People talk good stuff as much as shit behind your back.

A compliment more is an anti-depressant less.

Thank You,

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