Monday, September 13, 2010

After one or two Heinekens..

here it finally is; the blog which I had to start writing three weeks ago. Because of having worn out music in my illegal material consisting device, I spent the last moments in my mom's place thinking how a future music (or media or homeless) manager can reduce the illegality which dominates the World Wide Webster by once again going to the dark side to truly understand how it reigns. Now having everything transferred and packed I hugged my family goodbye and left the place which had been my home for over 18 years to undergo a life-changing-educating-mind-blowing-rumble-hassle-i-will-never-be-the-same-i-will-(maybe)-come-back-(maybe)-as-a-better-person-than-i-was-when-i-left-experience.

But before that I still had to visit my favorite sports bar, where I had spent many hours cheering or crying for my favorite football team. Yes, I left my family earlier because of this. Just because I thought that they would join, but apparently they find the adventures of Sookie Stackhouse more engaging than 22 men running after a ball or me leaving. Pff. No hard feelings xoxo.

vampire fans
After a disappointing 3-0 defeat I finally headed out to the train station, where for my surprise saw my school mate waiting for her exhange student Pedro to arrive. Pedro never arrived.

Four hours of sitting in the bus, I arrived to the airport. There I met my travel companion Henna and so we were ready to fly to Brussels. Having not slept that much, I took a nap and later woke up of Henna hitting me and noticed that we were shortly landing to the city of people who decide how a banana should look like. This was the moment when it occured to me what was really happening, what have I gotten myself into; there was no turn back. *PANIC PANIC WHY WHY NO NO MAMAAA* blank.

bye bye finland


I was surrounded by chocolate and quality beer. Did the plane fall down? Nope. I was alive.

After finding my pulse again, off we went to explore the streets of Brussels. Right away I found my lost-long love towards old street lamps and so the Japanese tourist side took over. It was a beautiful day to fill my memory card; the city had much to offer even though we had been there only for half and hour so far.
high quality pleasure

Understandably at some point we got really hungry. While searching for a place to eat, we fell into a tourist trap; a overly expensive sightseeing tourist bus trip, but as clever and pitiful exhange students (or not) we managed to pay only half price. Never have I felt so much as a tourist as I have before. In the end it was worth it. We were able to see different sides of Brussels; the old and modern. Must say I did not expect much of Brussels, but it was a positive surprise. I think I could even live there if I knew how to speak French without the help of my friend. Cheers Satu.

sightseeing bus
financial tower
Now was the time to find a McDonald's, but first we had to check out the famous "Urinating Boy". Still haven't checked Wikipedia for why it is so famous, I just heard from Henna that it's something to see. The verdict is: "For a mini person, he has quite a large bladder."
manneken pis

Having enjoyed a tasty superfood meal in Brussel's first McDonald's, we headed back to the train station to first have the famous Belgium waffle and then travel to our final destination. Next time I travel to Brussels I will visit the beer and chocolate museum and buy myself many boxes of truffels (which I didn't know I liked before I had a sample). 

travel companion henna
waffle with nutella
Oh yes, before I tell you what has happened since we entered the neighboring country, let me introduce myself and the reason why this blog exists (just forgot to write this in the beginning, well, better late than never). So, I'm Jaleh and I'm 20. And school starts tomorrow at 17.30, so I can stay up long and chat with people on Facebook. What, no one wants to talk with me?! Well, alright then, let's just write a blog. Me, myself and I.

Thank you. Good night.

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