Thursday, February 17, 2011

Iron & Wine @ Paradiso

A church converted into a hippies' living room. A hippies' living room turned into a famous music venue, having bands like The Rolling Stones, Joy Division, Nirvana, Arcade Fire and Finnish band Nightwish either recording or filming concerts there. And it took me 6 months to go there for my first gig.

Couldn't think of a better artist for that than my rainy summer day music; Iron & Wine (Samuel Beam). Hearing him sing about a godless brother in love in that bju-t-ful place with fine acoustics was perfecto.

The warm-up act Tift Merrit sounded quite good. Pity though that there was a constant background noise getting worse all the time. The main act's gig started with Samuel saying that the crowd talked through her performance and that we should all together shout "Sorry Tift" and "Next time I will listen and appreciate your music". How embarrassing..

The set of Iron & Wine was quite long, about 1h 45 min, but it didn't matter, everyone was having a good time. I guess being in the first row middle wasn't perhaps the best idea, since I had to look up all the time. Okey, I shouldn't complain, some people don't even get the chance to see him.

It was a bit disappointing that I didn't hear much of his sad acoustic songs and "Walking far from home", which is one the best songs of his latest album, but totally worth seeing how good of a guitar player and laid-back humorous guy he is and also the great touring band. And the version of "Boy with a coin" they played was simply amazing! I already thought that they wouldn't play it, because the song started with a jamming tune, but suddenly the familiar guitar tune started to play and people started screaming. It was also cool to see the roadie dancing on the side of the stage.



Overall it was a good gig, not in my top 3 though, next time I'll focus on the happy songs, then it could get better. I almost got the set list; there were no more left on the stage, so the roadie went through all his papers to find me one, but no more there either. But hey at least I got to see the famous beard.

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