Saturday, October 8, 2011

Thames Festival


“A totally multicultural and all-embracing celebration of London and the Thames...
a spectacular and hugely enjoyable event that also succeeds in promoting environmental awareness and community spirit.       

The Mayor’s Thames Festival is London’s largest outdoor arts festival - a spectacular event, free to all, which brings together Londoners of all ages and from all communities to celebrate their city and the River Thames."

That's  how this annual event is described. For the weekend whole London was packed up with live music, dancing, street art, river races, feasting..ending on Sunday night with a 1½h lasting carneval and fire works. Can't wait to see how the fire works will be during New Year's!


pictures also from l.lundberg and e.kata


  1. ey you are using my super cool pictures!!!! hahah
    but you are welcome.
    the fireworks ones are probably one of the coolest i've taken everrr ;)
    see you at sencity sooon! woopwoop

  2. haha thanks ;) yeah gonna get my massage and hair fixed soon! gonna feel that floor vibrate whoop whoop!