Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Proud Camden Look Right Look Left


After work we headed with our Indian take away to Linda's place. FINALLY FINALLY! I mean the Indian, not Linda's place. Eventhough she lives in a really cool place just 1min away from Thames with 3 bankers and their prostitutes..

When my mouth was burned enough, we met up with our collegues in Camden for a showcase. First time in Camden for me, which is a perfect bohemian drug cave with lekker (dutch for delicious) street food, which isn't recommended to eat. Pff like we'd listen to that.

Anyways here's how Musicweek.com describes the event:

"Breakout's monthly showcase for new and breaking acts staged by Music Week in conjunction with All Night Long Promotions, throws a spotlight on newly-signed acts - those creating a buzz in A&R circles. Breakout gives the music industry and the public a first glance of up-and-coming talent.

singer looks like runkle from californication

katy perry #2
The most interesting act of the evening was definitely Alex Winston. The only act who made me jump. She works with the same producer who's worked with Jessie J and Mumford&Sons. Actually her live performance was a bit Mumfordish music wise. And the drummer's gum-chewing  reminded us of Finnish ice-hockey players.

Funniest thing was that when Linda tried to take photos, there was always this photographer in front of her. And when she asked me to swap places, the guy just jumped in front of her again, and sticked his butt so much back to keep Linda further away. Lol.

Remember the post of Anna Calvi's latest video, and how I wanted to write about it straight after work, but never had the chance until next day after work? Well Jolien, sorry to disappoint you, I just wasn't able to get home anymore that time, so I had to stay over at Linda's place. Nothing more exciting than that :P

Linda was crazy though when we had to run across the street to catch our bus, and she didn't event look if cars were coming. I just had to yell from behind "Look right, look left!"- I guess I'm getting used to already how the cars go here. Not.

pictures by l.lundberg

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  1. that photographer was just jealous because i got so cool pictures and his were crapito!