Saturday, October 1, 2011

Blog Treasure

We've been going through many music blogs at work for the past four weeks, and so I've discovered new artists (good and bad) and heard new material from my old favorites. Here's a few of the good songs.

Zola Jesus is everywhere, due to the release of the sophomore album 'Conatus', of which I'm going to write at some point. But the first song I heard from her is something I randomly picked on YouTube to just get a feeling what she's all about.

And she's all about the good stuff.

Wild Beasts, a Domino band that I've loved for almost a couple of years now, is releasing their third single 'Reach a Bit Further' from their third album in November. Here's the B-side of the track called 'Thankless Thing'. It's a bit monotonic (like a Finn's talk), it builds up slowly (not necessarily a bad thing), but it isn't their best song. !Yet! it has a lot of atmosphere in it.

Ps. thanks to Linda for booking me a ticket to their gig. If you can't do something in Amsterdam, do it in London.

Wild Beasts - Thankless Thing by DominoRecordCo

Last, but not least, the ginger with the great voice; Florence+The Machine. Here's the second single 'Shake It Out' to be released this Sunday in the UK from her sophomore album 'Ceremonials'. I can imagine this song in a sport video, showing the highs and lows. Which makes me now miss playing in a team.

Remember that a music blog is not only a platform for music, but for something like this too.

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