Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sencity London '11







After hitting countries like Germany, Spain, South Africa and Australia, this multi-sensory club event for the deaf and hearing finally hit London.

Being involved in the two previous 'Sencity's in Finland and buzzing around a bit in its birth country Holland, I just had to be part of this too. I had a lot of fun flyering in Camden and laughing with others at the merch.

Of course the volunteers weren't the only ones having fun during the night.

it was hard to recognize our first year lecturer

Yes it kind of did smell like it. Literally.

I'm glad that London got to experience this. Deaf people are fun to party with, and I mean it.

For last I leave you something what Finland should be proud of.

photos by d.tett & l.lundberg

Ps. don't forget the komkommers.

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  1. Sounds great :-). Glad you enjoyed it. Nienke