Saturday, October 15, 2011

The New Hobby


A remarkable thing happened- after giving it some thought, I decided to start a new hobby; longboarding. It had been seven years, since I started my dear sport floorball in a proper team, but being away from countries, where you can properly play it was taking the best of me. I needed a hobby that I could take everywhere. Planking is good for that, but I already do lay still every night anyways. And have to say these videos were quite inspiring.

Carving the Mountains from Juan Rayos on Vimeo.

Winter Night Longboard from Juan Rayos on Vimeo.

I couldn't wait to go to Camden to buy a board (and a helmet!)for myself. Linda was probably more excited about that than me- finally she got a longboarding buddy haha.

We went to Hyde Park, which I didn't realize to be so close to the center. And it's huge! A lot of people around, I was scared that I'd bump into someone and felt a bit embarressed hopping on the board. But first time is always about getting used to the board and practicing the balance. And noticing how (Spanish) tourists and bikes don't go well together.

As it got dark, we rolled towards Buckingham Palace. First time there, and we saw some police talking to little kids to not swim in the fountain.

                                                            nice accent linda

It had been a really good day. I think it was the right hobby to take up. I'm surprised how addictive it can be.

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