Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Animal Farm Club


I've asked so many times Linda's memory card to transfer some pics, but I never get to the transfer point. I just look at the pictures and that's it. That's what I noticed so many times that when I search for the pictures on my laptop, they just aren't there. How stupid of me.

I'm just gonna put pics from Linda's post of the club evening, and if I see some interesting ones the next time I get the memory card, I'll just add them then.

Anyways The Animal Farm Club had four of our bands playing during the evening at the Zigfrid von Underbelly of Hoxton, simply the Underbelly.

The first band to play was The Do Or Dies, which many call The Doordies.

Then came The Manic Shine

The third act of the evening was something me and Linda were waiting for. iremembertapes. The first thing we had to do on our first working day was to listen to these guys. And they've pretty much been on repeat for the whole September in our heads. So no wonder we were desperate to see what kind of performers they were. We got to know what we're marketing, right?

The music was even better live, and the singer Tom had awesome moves, which reminded me of my friend Janne. (Those who have seen Janne dance, you know what I mean).

Last but not least- Rocketeer.

Unfortunately I didn't see them, since I got stuck at the ticket sales, but hearing the music and crowd going crazy tells me that I have to go see them, when I have the chance.

feat. big hair jamie

It was a fun night, thanks so much Eme and David for coming there, really appreciate it. Great music and great staff. X

Ps. Judit, my f(l)at mate in Holland finally booked her flight here for December. So excited! And she's going to bring Spanish ham yeiiiii!

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