Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pancakes Kinect


"There are gonna be shit loads of pancakes"- this is what David said when he invited us for a pancake party. But I didn't realize that 'shit loads' would mean 10 per person. Most of us managed to eat only 2-3 of them. I wish I could have eaten more, cause they were absolutely lekker. All kinds of jams, Nutella, cottage cheese with raisins. Mmm.

Later in the evening we started to play Kinect, which was a lot of fun.

After the sweet fest I met up with Linda and Tuomo, who had come to England for an exchange He wanted to hang out in London (sitting in the dark at Trafalgar square sippin' his beer) for his birthday. We also went to a random pub called Troy22 in some alley. Which naturally reminded me of my museum buddy Troy.

tuomo getting old

Tomorrow I get to do something really really cool, which you hopefully get to know about soon. All I can say it requires one of my favorite bands, modest nudity and waking up at 6am.

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