Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Wedding

Finally, we have the last entry of the trip. It's about why we even traveled to The Philippines in the first place.

My sister decided to have her church wedding there. Although, attending her civil wedding in Canada via Skype was a huge success a few years back, we thought to try something different this time.

What even might shock you more is the fact that we met her husband for the first time. And after four weeks of severe harassment by the whole family, it might have been the last.

It was the first time for me to be the maid of honor, and there's this scene in the movie Freaky Friday, in which someone hears the word wrong- maid of horror.

I had to walk the aisle twice, which means that I don't need to get married.

the wedding planner

the man who can't dance

the man whose bus broke down  in the middle of nowhere

dancing for money, except if it's gangnam style
the doves which did not fly far

Once again congratulations to the couple, who look like rappers, who look like pimps!

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