Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Hot Beaches

The title is taken from a reality TV show, which can have a different and much more suitable meaning if you didn't see how it was written. But in this entry it's as literal as it could get. Before Christmas we spent a few nights at the China Sea Beach Resort to suck all the vitamin D we could and make up for the poorest summer ever.

It was a disappointment that to not have a proper beach to lay on- you had to risk your life in fighting the waves to get to the beach next by. But luckily we had the pool and friendly visitors in the house like the Lizard King and Cucaracha to fill in the void.

 There was also the possibility to order the fisher men to bring you some snacks.

I had four mornings to snap a photo of the sunrise, but it was much easier to press the button of my alarm clock than the camera's. Well, I've always been an evening person anyways.

Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of my back well-burnt. Let's just say that if you opened one of those trio-flavored ice-creams (chocolate, strawberry, vanilla), it would look exactly like the last two. I blame the elf for it.

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