Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Left Overs

This could have contained even more food pictures from our trip, but in this case left overs mean all those pictures, which need to be shared and things quite different to what I'm used to...

The country is very Catholic, which can be noticed basically everywhere, especially in the jeepneys.

Though, unfortunately due to poverty, things like in the picture above are done.

Ruled by Spain before, some customs stuck. Like siesta, but mainly for farmers, who can't work during the hottest hours. Also, I was surprised that there was a sense of Spanish timing as well, especially with services. For example at the hotel, the masseuse comes half an hour late or an order doesn't show up at all.

Once when I ordered a mojito, it took them ten minutes to tell that they're out of mint leaves. Then the next drink they didn't have, and finally when they were able to prepare my third choice, it took also ten minutes. Sometimes it's easiest to just ask what on the list is available, like one guy, who had to go through the whole menu at a cafe first.

Over 7000 islands inhabited by over 93 million people, for sure there are safety issues and regulations made.

A recent study suggests that the happiest people can be found in Latin America. The Philippines is in top 10, stop the pouting then we'll reach number 1!

Everyone should be more like these boys. Posing to a stranger.

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