Thursday, January 10, 2013

Tabula Rasa

One philosophy theory states that people are born without a built-in mental content, and that our knowledge comes from experience and perception. I could see this theory in practice in what my now one-year-old nephew does. For instance, he's fond of opening and closing closet doors. At the first time it was a painful experience, as his fingers got caught in between. Despite learning a lesson, he still keeps doing it. Only now, he shows his daring personality by pulling his hand out at the last moment.

The blank slate is being filled quickly.

Another thing what comes into my mind is Plato's Cave. The shadows projected on the wall were considered as reality by those chained in the cave. When one of the prisoners was freed, he came to realize the true form of reality. Apparently, an infant's sight is restricted in shadows. So, basically a baby growing up is like him walking out of a cave.

What was interesting, though, were the first days when he still didn't have a name. He was only called the baby. Then when he finally got it, it felt strange how something so simple suddenly became the most defining factor of his life.

Reading the comments of this picture I posted, I wrote that he'd have a good taste in music and read many philosophy books. I'm curious to see how much of my writing will end up in that tabula rasa.

Happy birthday Nathaniel. Hope that one day you'll be going through my music collection (just as long as you don't scratch them) and another day singing YNWA at Anfield. Here's your current favorite.

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