Monday, January 7, 2013

Christmas Heat

The logical way would have been to blog of each day chronologically, but I bet no one is interested in reading how we ate breakfast/went to the mall/ate lunch/sat in a car/ate dinner/went to sleep. Therefore, stories of our trip to The Philippines are divided into appropriate themes.

Despite the title, this entry is not about the stress and frustration some people face on the merry holiday, instead it's about spending it in a setting I'm not used to. Yes, the theme is inspired by the most common and annoying, yet inevitable conversation topic in the world- the weather.

From the cold, beautiful, snowy into the "this is not what the Coca-Cola commercial showcased", I found myself in the third consecutive Christmas being away from Finland. Though, this time with family and my sister whose Christmas gift I haven't opened since 2002. Never mind missing the snow and woolen socks, as it was in London the previous year that I realized that it's not the place that matters, but the people.

Naturally, it was intriguing to see how people in a different climate and culture set up their decorations. And to feel the Sun's warmth while at it.

A big family around, it felt like Home Alone without anyone being left behind luckily (although there were a couple hairy moments). About 20 people crammed in a small place is nothing when you bring along 20 seminarians to do some caroling.  But the more the merrier.

This could never happen in Finland for an obvious reason.

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