Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Mountain Breeze

After a long flight, feeling all yucky just got worse when we arrived in Manila. You could just feel the pollution and 38C. Immediately, I started longing for the Alps, which we passed by on our way. 

It could have been worse though. Like for this person, who made a wise decision.

How fortunate was it for us then to be staying most of our days in Baguio City, the coolest area in the country. The place, where I was born. People say that you know you're in Baguio, when the stars are beneath your feet.

In general, being surrounded by nature and feeling the chill in the evenings is something what I prefer. Also, I don't mind the cold houses- it just reminds me of our student apartments. 

it actually isn't bad for a bus to go this narrow, windy road

some say there are a million people in the city, others two. wikipedia says 318 676 (2010)

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