Thursday, September 27, 2012

Fun. @ The Circus, Helsinki

September 25th, 2012

Fun at the circus. Unbelievably ungoogleable. Unbelievably amazing.

After attending so many gigs in Amsterdam and especially in London, I did still remember how passionate the Finns could be at gigs. But I thought to myself that this mainly happens at big venue.

What a reality check.

The line in front of the doors was so long that we could have easily had a couple of beers more and not see the difference. I mean what were the odds for many people lining up in front of a night club. The odds were that the main act was the reason for drawing a full crowd.

New York's own rocky poppy fab trio Fun. has done extremely well back home and here too by getting a lot of plays on radio and TV. And apparently their support act Walk The Moon has been doing a pretty good job, even though I haven't heard their music before. But never mind me, when most of the audience were singing to their songs, which made me think that they're probably the first supporters that I've seen to be that well-received. They were like the main act already with that constant screaming from fans.

It continued even when they took their instruments out of the stage. Every single time someone walked pass. Nothing wrong with that though, as they did deliver. Plus the singer had such a nice sweater.

So, when I nearly lost my hearing with almost everyone giving all they got from their lungs, then imagine when Fun. got on stage. Or actually throughout the whole time they were on AND OFF the stage. Through the bloody shrieking I couldn't hear how loud I myself shouted. Usually at gigs people sing along to the most famous songs. There it weren't only the hits, but every single song! I was so amazed, and kept thinking in my mind that in London this could never happen. Before I thought Londoners were dull, now comparing to this they're kind of the living dead at gigs.

Also, you know when pretty much every band says something good about the city they're playing in, and it's most of the time just them pleasing the crowd. At that gig every word they said and every smile were completely sincere. How do we know this? Because even without them saying anything, it could be heard, seen and felt that this is the type of an audience musicians dream to play to.

I was waiting for them to say that we were the best gig they've played so far. Almost! As we were the best in Europe so far, which made me wonder, which crowd in America beats us. Perhaps their families and friends? Please tweet the answer to me!

What surprised me the most was their love for Moomins. Forget Angry Birds, bring on the Moomins bags and stuff! "Helsinki is the shit", they say.

Despite of the show being a high-energy non-stop crazy ride, there was still a moment for calming down. I'm pretty sure many fans got teary eyes at this moment. Like the uploader of the video describes;

Probably the best night of my life. Sorry about the shaking in the beginning, I had to give the camera to my sister because I was too emotional/tired to hold it steady.

Here's a song about singer Nate's parents.

My friend's only comment of the gig "it was so good for the singer's feet to be without shoes". She studies podiatry.

thanks fun. and fellow fun fans for making me deaf and lose my voice. but it was all worth it. 

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