Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tourist-ish in the Capital

One of my favorite Spanish people and former f(l)at mate Nuria came for the weekend to see how Helsinki looks like. It was a pretty good timing, because I wanted to know that too. Even though I've lived close to Helsinki for a few months now, I only went there a couple of times to run some errands. So in other words I spent more time in the capital during this one weekend than the whole summer.

And without really knowing which places to go to.

I asked Nuria to send me a list with places she wanted to see, and most of them were something I've never heard of, so I was pretty excited to visit them too!

She was quite terrified to fly with RyanAir when she heard  the news that they've had the most problems with their planes in Europe. I, naturally started to think of my recent dreams, in which I've lost my teeth; in some cultures that's a sign of someone dying. When her plane was about to take off, an eagle got stuck in the motor, and loads of people were screaming. They had to change the plane, and the flight was delayed for a couple of hours. After I thought the plane had already landed in Finland, I got so worried, since she didn't inform me at all. Immediately I check the Internet for plane crash news, luckily nothing happened! It was quite tiring though to pick her up at 4am, but for sure a whole day of travelling is even more tiring.

Basically the whole weekend was about me following my intuition (and signs). I'm surprised of how all the main attractions are located close to each other. Also, it was supposed to rain on Saturday, but I guess Nuria brought the sun from Spain, since it started to rain again, when she left.

Anyways, here are some pics. The first day was mainly visiting churches, which she complained about a lot, but I wasn't the one who made the list ;)

helsinki train station

noah's ark chapel

the church built inside the rock


the blank church

restaurant onion

one of the best beers


music video shoot

nate so hypnotized of the first spanish person he's met

he also loves the carbonara she made

the olympic stadium

This was the touristic side of Helsinki, and I was appointed "worst tour guide ever". If it was my home town, or even London and Breda, I'd know all the great places to go to, but no one is really a tourist in their own country, eh? But it was really great seeing Nuria after 2 years! I can't wait to go to Spain myself. Until then...

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