Saturday, September 8, 2012

Friday Feature: Baroness

I'm not a huge fan of "heavier" music, but there are some exceptions that truly deserve your attention. One of these gems is Savannah, Georgia- based Baroness. My first taste of the band came a few years ago with their sophomore album Blue's track The Sweetest Curse. I had it on repeat several times, but as often before I never delved into the rest of the album.

Now with their third full-length Yellow & Green (yes, they do like to name their albums after colors and EPs after numbers), released this July, I've become completely hooked with their music. This is how their record label Relapse Records promote it:

The long-awaited album from one of the new millennium's most revered band is a rock n' roll record of the highest order. With Yellow & Green, Baroness have achieved true rock greatness!

This is one of the rare industry people messages, which isn't bull. 

The album works perfectly as a whole, and is full of irresistibly amazing melodic hooks and lyrics, which give a timeless atmosphere. In all good ways, Baroness is a radio-friendly band in the ears of an indie fan. 

Ending with some unfortunate news; the bus, in which the band and support team were crashed in England last month. Nine were injured (two seriously), and frontman John Baizley, who actually creates Baroness' album artwork suffered a broken arm and leg. A quick recovery for everyone!

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