Saturday, September 29, 2012

Friday Feature: Calm Hands

Somehow when I listen to the opening track Ghosts, I start to think of John Secada's hit song Just Another Day, which is such a good thing, because I've been hoping to hear something similar in God knows how many years! You'll probably disagree with me in this one, and you're absolutely right. Or not absolutely, because I swear there's a hint of Just Another Day in it. There's also something Simple Red-ish in the voice too.

Despite all this, one-man- project of Keith Bradford's from Aurora is something completely of its own. For a few years now indie pop/electro has ruled the music scene, but I could say that Calm Hands is the best act representing that genre that I've heard in a long time! His EP Somewhere June is just simply filled with delightful hooks and melodies, whether slightly melancholic or energetic, you'll easily catch yourself from moving your head and feet to the beats. And I bet you get nostalgic of something when you listen to it.

I'm getting notalgic already about hearing this kick-ass EP for the first time. What about you?

thanks to wasfuersohr for recommending

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