Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sankarit Stadionilla

It was the first time a Respect match was arranged here in Finland. It meant that most of all legendary Finnish football players gathered together on the same day in the same place. Legendary league players from previous decades and the golden generation of the national team.

For me the reason being there was to see Liverpool legend Sami Hyypiä. FINALLY.

Attempt #1
Go to Holland to watch Finland play against them. Hyypiä gets his first ever red card in the previous national cap.

Attempt #2
Go to Germany to watch Hyypiä play Bundesliga. He's not even on the bench.

Attempt #3
Stay in your own country and attend a charity event. PING.

Third time is the charm. All in all it was a fun game and nice to see a bit more of Helsinki, and of course the king of Finnish football himself, Litmanen.

red legend

former red too

the king

the president

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