Tuesday, April 30, 2013

This kettle is seeing red

My last visit to the labor office left me with mixed emotions. I met the person who was in charge of me, who seemed really sympathetic and sincerely caring. I asked him whether it was possible to get any financial support for unpaid internships- a good company of my own field was looking for someone. He explained that the law had just recently changed in a way that financial support will only be granted for unpaid internships, if you are being introduced to a new field.

4-5 years of studies and you want me to get to know a new field?

There were a couple of good reasons for this, but obviously I remember only the bad sides. Those scenes in Kill Bill when Uma Thurman sees those she is supposed to kill and the screen goes red and the music starts... It was just that.

"Everywhere is illogical, here it´s just the most", my friend once said. Although he was talking about The Netherlands then, it fits perfectly this situation. I have come to the conclusion that as a graduate you really are not that better off. It´s like a limbo, when companies either want people with a lot of experience or students. Ie. people with a lot of experience or free work labor.

After realizing that the music and media industry is so vague, and the company offering the unpaid internship does things that I never had done, I sent an email to my supervisor asking if it was possible to get support now for these reasons. In my follow up email I asked for a quick response as the deadline for applications was looming.

You can take a red pen and rule out sincerely caring.

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