Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday Feature: Maven Fiction

Maven Fiction started as a solo project of Scarborough born Aaron Ward, but now acts as a York-based trio after a very common realization- without live drums, you'll end up looking karaoke. Note: only look like, as Maven Fiction has got several tracks, which set a high standard in melody, lyrics and atmosphere. It's kind of the type of indie rock/electro music you've probably heard before, but at the same not. There's that unique type of freshness and cleverness in the tracks that get you hooked immediately. It's also very British. Very.

Their first gig was in New York, when a random acoustic demo went viral in some Manhattan schools. This Is My England got 11,000 views on its first day with the help of NME. 

However, Maven Fiction is yet to have a final breakthrough. And that is just ridiculous. I'd sign them myself, if I could. You know their music can bring in a lot of money, when even one of Pete Doherty's producers stole Ward's hard drive for something valuable you get on the streets. That would be Halal fried chicken for me, dunno about the producer.

Like we were taught on our freshman year- it's not about the music, it's about the money. Luckily in this case the music is well worth the money.

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