Wednesday, August 1, 2012

July's Music Box

There's this "myth" of summer not being the best music time, as many bands schedule their album releases for Christmas to boost up the sales. Then there's that simple fact that music industry people tend to be on holidays in July, so no new tunes.

Pff and pff.

This July has been outstanding. It's like the first six months of 2012 put together in 4 weeks, but even better. So many anticipated comebacks, and COMEBACKS for real. Although you always expect for the worst when your favorite band releases something new, this time quality is on spot. Well, except for The Killers maybe, but it still has time to grow on me...

Here are July's crème de la crème:

Muse - Survival

The British rockers have once again gone up a level in pontifical composing. Survival is the 2012 Olympics' official song.


Baroness - Take My Bones Away

I don't listen much to "heavier" music, but there is something about them.

The xx - Angels

I guess this is the one the whole indie world has waited for the most.

The Killers - Runaways

Like I mentioned earlier, it hasn't hit me yet, but it's always great to have The Killers back.

Green Day - Oh love

The guys were a bit soft in their last album, but this is the best powerpop I've heard ever!

Bloc Party - Octopus

It didn't take much time for this band to release a new album, so four years of waiting was quite excruciating.

No Doubt - Settle Down

If four years is long ,then what is ten? Actually, it feels like I'm 12 again, that's how fast time flies.

What were your favorite songs of July? Please leave your comments below.

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