Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday Feature: And the Giraffe

There are bands, which follow people on Twitter in the hope of getting their music heard and perhaps new fans and a follow-back. This tactic hasn't worked that well on me, due to reasons such as:

1) No one has all the time in the world to listen to everything new, eventhough I wish I had.
2) I don't have time to listen to bands, because they don't allow me to by unfollowing too soon.
3) A lot of music isn't that good.

However, an exception to all of those would be the Gainesville/Nashville- based And the Giraffe. If you're a fan of Iron & Wine and/or Bon Iver, oh boy you're in for a treat. This dreamy folk duo made up of best friends Nick Roberts and Josh Morris craft their songs in a way that it penetrates straight deep into, not your heart or soul, but very existence. Many categorize themselves as folk, but only few are able to transmit atmosphere. The type of atmosphere, which you can literally feel.

The band will be releasing new material in November, but until then you can listen/buy their first album for the price you want below.

ps. the whole twitter intro was to let the band know that the tactic is working, though without the great music...

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